Gender and the Screen, Part 1: An exploration of women’s representation behind the camera in Australian film and television

The Australian screen industry has become a prominent source of storytelling in the nation’s vibrant and eclectic entertainment scene. It’s an industry that continues to be internationally recognised through both the film and television disciplines. It helps shape our concept of the Australian reality, and the world’s.Yet if women aren’t equally represented in the industry, how can the stories told be deemed a fair representation of society? 

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Dance Politics: The End of “Urban” and the Beginning for Real Change

Amongst the chaos and hard hit to the arts industry, the pandemic has created room for conversation within the dance community.

Dance pioneers in street and club dance styles from the United States have decided to cull the term “urban” due to it being a derogatory reference to the African American experience and an example of how the dance industry has capitalised on and exploited Hip hop culture.

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